This is the place where I help teachers improve classroom management through easy to apply strategies. I realized classroom management was a strength of mine when during my first year of teaching my principal asked if she could send another teacher who happened to be struggling with their classroom management to observe my classroom management strategies. From that time on I have had several teachers sent to my classroom with the sole purpose of gleaning tips that will help them improve their classroom management. 

Through the classroom management experience I have gained along with my completed coursework for my Masters in Educational Studies from Johns Hopkins University I have been able to successfully help teachers improve their classroom management through easy to apply strategies. 


Hi, I’m Tierraney [tear-ruh-knee]! I’m a twenty something Title 1 elementary math teacher in Houston, TX. I got my start in teaching by serving as a Teach for America Corps Member. For the past 4 years I’ve been working with teachers from all over the world helping them improve their classroom management. In addition  to that I am an educational influencer working with some of the top brands in education. I will be graduating in May 2018 with my Masters in Elementary Education Studies from Johns Hopkins University.
Besides helping teachers improve their classroom management, my hobbies are spending time with God, shopping, watching YouTube videos, chillin out by myself, going to events, doing every latest viral dance challenge, and traveling to tropical locations! To learn more about me click the video below.

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