How to track student behavior? Quick and Simple

Last month we talked about effective ways to deal with tough kids in your classroom. Keeping that in mind one thing that I always do in my classroom is keep parents informed of their students' behavior. Communicating with parents often will help you find solutions for dealing with tough kids in the classroom.
What I use to track student behavior in a quick and simple way is ClassDojo. ClassDojo also allows me to communicate students behavior with parents. If you are interested in learning more about ClassDojo make sure to check out my ClassDojo The Basics TrainingAs you know I absolutely love ClassDojo. In fact this year I was chosen to serve as the ClassDojo mentor on my campus and serve as an official ClassDojo Ambassador for the organization.

When dealing with tough kids in my classroom who are behaviorally challenged ClassDojo is a quick and simple platform that allows me to keep a record of that students behavior, give parents immediate real-time feedback on their child's behavior and allows us to track that students behavioral progress and growth.

On December 15th, at 6pm CST I am doing another Training on ClassDojo and PBIS (Positive Behavior Supports in Schools). I will also be answering your questions about ClassDojo. Make sure you tune in live!

Do you use ClassDojo in your classroom?

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