How to deal with the tough kids in your classroom?

Tough kids. We call them a tough kid because they are behaviorally challenged. Each year it's guaranteed that you will have some in your classroom and you know they are NEVER absent.  Everyday they show up to class faithfully. They're not going anywhere and neither are you so what do you do?

Well one thing I know is that tough kids thrive in structured classrooms. Tough kids need to be held to high behavioral and academic expectations. You must explicitly teach them your expectations and be consistent with them. All kids love a structured classroom. Of course they may never come out and tell you that to your face but they do appreciate it. Here's how I know.

This school year after a few weeks into the year I switched grade levels. Because I teach at a small school I see my former students around campus quite often. On Friday the whole school was celebrating the end of red ribbon week. We were all gathered inside of the schools gym. Quite a few of my former students were coming up to me saying hi and giving me hugs and then I saw one of my former students we'll call him Jake. Here's how the conversation went:

Jake: "Ms. Richardson I miss you!"
Me: "Awwww I miss you guys a lot too!" 
Me: "How are things going in class?"
Jake: "It's chaos! I'm not learning anything!"
Jake: "You were the only one who could control the class..."

I was in awe! These were literally his exact words.  I wish I had my camera with me to have recorded the conversation. I mean I know I run a very tight ship but to hear the appreciation of it from a student WOW! I may be strict but my students can look back on how strict I was and appreciate it. #StrictTeachersForTheWin Kids love structure!

Last week I was invited by Meg of Meg's Crayons to be featured on her podcast show Digging Deeper with Meg.  During my interview I shared my best advice for dealing with tough kids in your classroom. To listen to the full episode click here.

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From Chaos to Composure teaches you how to:
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How do you deal with Tough Kids in your classroom?

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