Top 5 Classroom Management Tips for New Teachers

It's October and if you are like some new teachers you might be still struggling with classroom management. You love being a teacher and getting to shape young minds but you don't like how out of control your classroom is compared to the Veteran teacher next door. If you are a new teacher and you can relate to struggling with your Classroom Management today I am sharing my Top 5 Classroom Management tips just for you:

1. Clear expectations and rules

Do you student know how you expect them to behave? Do they know what you expect of them? We can never assume students know anything. We must always be very clear and specific with everything we want them to do. We cannot punish a student for something they do not know. That is our responsibility to teach it to them.

2. Consequences and Rewards

To reinforce our expectations and rules we must have consequences and rewards. You do not have to break the bank for rewards. A reward can be as simple as public positive praise.  I do this all the time using one of my favorite strategies Positive Narration (Behavior Narration). Even if you work at a PBIS school I still firmly believe consequences are necessary. Students must understand that their is a consequence(positive or negative) associated with every life decision and choice they make.

3. Clear and Specific Instructions

When telling a student what to do I always give clear and specific instructions and then check for understanding afterwards. I like to use a simple formula called MVP. M = movement, V = verbal, P = Participation. I also tell them when to begin by saying something simple such as when I say go. For more on the MVP formula check out my video here.

4. Procedures and Routines

I am a creature of habit and so are your students. All students love structure. Yes, every single one of them low key appreciate your daily procedures and routines. They appreciate the fact that they feel safe in your classroom because they know what you will and will not tolerate. Follow the same schedule every day. Throw in a brain break to add some j-factor(joy factor). For the most part keep things consistent. Go to the bathroom the same way every day. Come in to class the same way every day. Line up the same way every day. It'll become a habit and your classroom will run itself which is awesome when you have a substitute.

5. Build Relationships

When you are a No-Nonsense teacher like I am and you have a very strict and structured classroom it's very important to show students that you care about them. I promise you when you show students just a little taste of who you are without your teacher hat on they can start forming connections with you that will truly motivate them to meet your high behavioral expectations. I shared a lot more on how I specifically build relationships with students in this video.

If you want some more help improving your classroom management then sign up for my Free Masterclass - 3 Steps to Stress Free Classroom Management happening live on October 13th at 6pm CST.

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