Introducing: Faith Driven Educators

I became a teacher three years ago through an amazing program called Teach for America. Teaching was tough.  Each day felt like a daily battle.  There were many times I wanted to quit.  Yet, after each year continued to teach. How did I make it year after year? The answer is simple Jesus.  He was my strength every single day I stepped out of my car and in to my classroom.  Without His strength there is no way I would have made it past day 1.  My faith is definitely what brought me into teaching and my faith has carried me every step of the way through the years.  

As I reflect on years one and two in the classroom I noticed that while I was struggling with all that teaching threw my way I didn't know of many of teachers who were also Christian.  I didn't know of any other teachers that relied on God to get carry them through another school year.  I looked for other Christian teachers to connect with but I didn't really find any.

This is why I am partnering with Alison from A Teacher's Best Friend to provide that space that I was lacking during my first few years of teaching.  Alison and I have started a community called Faith Driven Educators.

Faith Driven Educators exists to provide a source of community and support for teachers who are driven by their faith - even in public schools. We are a group of teachers who know that God created us for the mission of teaching and desire to lean on our faith to get through the difficulties of teaching. Knowing that God has placed us in charge of the intellectual and personal development of a group of young minds, can be both overwhelming and fulfilling. Teaching is a ministry - even in public schools. While we’re not always able to share our faith, we are certainly modeling it and living it. Our faith can build us up and give us strength for the crazy journey of teaching. In the end, we are daughters of Christ first and we strive to live, lead, and teach, as such! So, if you know you have a divine calling as a teacher, and you crave support and encouragement in your walk with the Lord and strength for the journey of teaching, then you came to the right place!

To become a member of Faith Driven Educators click here and click here to join our facebook community.

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