How to use Behavior Narration in the Classroom // Classroom Management Series

Today I am sharing with you one of my most favorite classroom management techniques called Behavior Narration.  Some others call it positive narration.  Behavior Narration is used by teachers in the classroom to positively reinforce their instructions. This simple technique points out the students who are meeting their expectations instead of leaning towards our reflex tendency to call out the students who are not meeting the expectations.  However, the only way Behavior Narration works is if you have first given clear and specific instructions. With that said, if you haven't read my post on Clear and Specific Instructions and CFU's check that out first then come back here.  If you have already read it and watched the video then keep on reading.

In just 4 short minutes I show you how 100% to get your students on task and following your instructions the first time without having to remind the same students multiple times about your classroom expectations.

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Have you used Behavior Narration in your classroom before?

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