How to Get Your Students Attention // Classroom Management Series: Attention Getters

I vividly remember scrolling through pinterest before my first year in the classroom looking for awesome activities to do my first week in the classroom with my students, parent communication forms, weekly cute newsletter templates to send home, student surveys and more.  As I was scrolling for hours putting together my perfect classroom I stumbled upon the "perfect" list of attention getters for the elementary classroom.  All of these attention getters were call and response. None of these were my style.  If you are tired of hearing "1, 2, 3 all eyes on me, 1, 2 all eyes on you" and "Classsssssss, Yessssssss" Then check out my video where I share 3 attention getters that work for me and my classroom.
In less than two short minutes I show you how to get your students attention by using verbal and non-verbal attention getters.

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What attention getters do you use in your classroom?

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