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I have been blogging going on 4 years now and if you have been following me from the beginning you know that I started blogging when I was in college. You can read all of my blogs relating to college life here. Since graduating I have started She is Set Apart and started teaching full-time. Serving college students is something I am extremely passionate about and Friday I will be hosting an event titled, Set Apart Lifestyle: College. and I want to take this time to invite you all to this free event in Houston, TX.  More details about the event below.

Clear your calendar! Set Apart Lifestyle: College kicks off on March 25th, and you're invited to take part in the first of many She is Set Apart Lifestyle Events. Our topic is on being set apart in college.This 3 hour event will feature a Q&A panel, mini-workshops, spoken word and more. The focus of this event is to give practical tips on how to navigate the college life while still living for Christ.  The University of Houston (4800 Calhoun Road) is our meeting spot for a night of encouragement and real talk. 

I hope that you all will come.  If you cannot attend I'm asking that you please share this event with a high school senior or college student you currently know in the Houston, TX area.
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