How I Spend Time With God and How You Can Too

So I'm busy. Like really busy. But the bottom line is I'm no good when I haven't taken time to spend time with God. It has to be a priority for me. It is vital. I went so many years just going to church and doing church well but I never really talked to God for myself or had a relationship with Him. Once I learned the importance of that and actually developed a relationship with God everything changed.

I like to start by talking to God. After all it's a relationship. Just like you talk to your mom, dad, sister, brother, and friends you can talk to God the same way. Respectfully of course. So usually I pull out my journal and I will tell God what is on my mind by writing it down. By the way TJ Maxx has super cute journals for under $5. I usally start with thanking Him for my day and sharing everything I'm thankful for. Then I will ask for forgiveness. Then I will share my requests with Him. Then I will open up my Bible and I like to use my NIV Life Application Bible. It breaks down almost every scripture really clear providing great context for each verse because context is key. I will either read from a book of the Bible I'm interested in or I will do a word study and search scriptures on particular areas I want to focus on like humility or something or I will use a devotional to help guide me through scripture. Some devotionals I use are Jesus Calling by Sarah Young or As I'm reading my Bible I journal notes of what God is showing me and what I'm learning. Then I sometimes end in prayer.

However you choose to spend time with God make sure it involves the Bible and make sure it is every day.

How do you currently spend time with God?

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