2 Things You Should Avoid When Spending Time with God

I've been on my journey of spending time with God for around 4 years now.  At first I tried to mimic what other Christians did in their quiet time with God. Overtime I began to tweak it to fit what worked best for me.  Whether that meant going outside, listening to music while reading the word, or using a devotional to guide me. I've also learned things that I definetly need to avoid in order to have an effective quiet time. 2 Things I try to avoid are distractions and getting into a boring routine.

1.) Distractions

Set aside anything that may distract you during the time you spend with God. Satan doesn't want you spending time with God and reading the Bible. Remenber he is the father of lies and he wants to prevent you from reading truth found in scripture. So turn your phone off and put it up. Get away from any electronic devices or people who will distract you.

2.) Boring Routine

Also try not to get into a boring routine. Yes, you should have scheduled time to spend with God every single day but it doesn't have to look the same every single day. It should however involve the reading of the Bible in my opinion.  What I'm trying to say is don't be afraid to switch it up. I once heard someone say someting like if you're bored talking to God chances are he is too. Insert wide-eye emoji. You don't want to be bored and he doesn't want to be bored either. So if you normally spend time with God on your couch try going outside. If you normally spend time with God in the evening try the morning or during your lunch break. Switch it up a little bit. Have fun. It is similiar to married couples. They may have a scheduled date night every friday but every friday it's a different resturant, or activity, or event. They switch things up to keep their relationship fun and spicy. I've also heard of some people who have date nights with God. They get dressed up and take their Bible and journal to a nice a resturant and just read and journal all while they eat.  That's personally not my thing but hey try it. It might work for you.

What things do you avoid when spending time with God?

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