Queens United Tour Houston, TX | EVENT REVIEW

If you follow me on Snapchat : @MissTierraney you know that I had the opportunity to attend the Queens United Tour in Houston, TX. This tour was founded by Jasmine Le'Shea and it features an all female line-up. What I love about this tour is that it is centered around Biblical Womanhood.
In every city there is a guest queen featured. At the Houston stop the featured queens were Hilary Jane, Wande, La'Toria Music and of course Jasmine Le'Shea. The DJ was DJ KB who is also the Indiana Pacer's DJ.

While there is an all female line-up the tour is open to ladies & gents of all ages. There were actually quite a few men there in attendance. Tickets for the show were super affordable 5-10 dollars plus tax. The show lasted about 4.5 hours. It started with  a VIP Q&A panel with all the guest queens where they answered questions on biblical womanhood, marriage, singleness, and all things Christian Hip-Hop. They also answered a question about the illuminati and shared their personal favorite music artist and someone said Missy Elliot. That queen shall remain nameless insert crying laughing emoji. After the panel there was an opportunity to take photos with the artists and check out the vendors. Soon after the doors opened for General Admission. The show opened with UT Austin college student and CHH rapper Wande. Next up was La'Toria music and I'm still singing "about that liiiifeeeee." After La'Toria, Hilary Jane performed. I love her music and her tattoos are pretty dope too. She performed many songs including Stix and Stones. My favorite was when she performed Dear No One by Tori Kelly. I love Tori Kelly so that was definitely a highlight of the show. Last but certainly not least was the amazing Jasmine La'Shea. We even sang a little of the Fresh Prince of Belair theme song. If you know anything about me you know that was the icing on the funfetti cake.

I would give this event a 4 out of 5. The tour was lit but I would have loved the opportunity to have seen V.Rose a part of the Houston lineup as well had attended some of the workshops that were offered in other cities during the tour. Every queen was so nice and friendly. Before the show started I asked Jasmine if she was going to do the tour again and her answer was.....Yes! So if you missed the first Queens United Tour don't worry it will be back in the future and make sure to get your tickets early.

Jasmine Le'Shea and I
Hilary Jane and I

Did you attend the Queens United Tour in your city?
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