7 FREE Online Resources Every Teacher Should be Using

Ever ask someone for help on your campus and they say they'll help you but the days go by and you they never helped you? This was my situation time and time again as a first year teacher.  If you're like me you'll go back and follow up with them but still the help never comes. Most of the time it probably wasn't on purpose. As teachers we're always busy all of the time. Which is why you need to be self-sufficient. Don't get me wrong team work is awesome. However, when you are crunched for time and schedules conflict it's time to bust out the technology and get to searchin' online for your answers.

Pinterest - This has been my #1 resource as far as ideas for anchor charts are concerned! Spending time on pinterest should really count for PD hours.

Teachers Pay Teachers - I constantly shop the free resources on the site and download them.

YouTube - I search YouTube for help on teaching different math skills to my students. I'm a visual learner so I need to see how it's done instead of just reading steps.

Teaching Channel -  It's like YouTube for teachers only.

Periscope - Tons of great teachers are already on periscope including me! Check me out here and the iTeachTVNetwork

Teacher Blogs - Do you have a teaching related question - google it! I'm sure a teacher has already blogged about it.

Teacher Pop - This blog is great for new teachers.

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