What God is Teaching Me In This Season? Vol. 2

Vent to Jesus. I realized that I can't change a person. If I don't like how they have treated me or something they have said my best move is to tell God about it. Humans are too stubborn to change. Just like David did in Psalms 39 take your complaints to God. God can change people you can't. God will either change that person or change you. After you've taken it to God he might then direct you to go to them about it after. But first God directly to God. He can handle it.

Satisfaction. I've also been battling with satisfaction and making God enough. God should be enough. This I know. However, some days he's just not. I need for my students to act right. I need a relationship. I need this new electronic device. I need [insert another temporary person/thing here]. And every time I depend on something/someone other than Christ to satisfy me I am left empty & I just run right back to Christ. I hate doing it. I know that that person/thing is going to fail me yet it's like I just tell myself without realizing it "just one more time." It's truly a daily decision you have to make. To say no to the distractions of this world and keep your mind fixed on Christ and eternity.

Faithfulness. Even when we aren't faithful God still is. That amazes me. Sometimes I give up on God. I give up on the things I desire or the things he has promised me. Maybe because I'm impatient and I don't trust him to do what he said he would do? But God showed me that how he treats me is not dependent upon how I treat him. That's love. Unconditional love. That leaves me speechless every time. I recognize what a hot mess I am and wonder why God loves me so much. I'm grateful and I wish I didn't fail him so much but I'm thankful for His grace, his love & his patience with me.

Press On [even when you don't feel like it]. Emotions are crazy. However, it's time to stop letting them dictate our life & our every move. Not to long ago there's been times when I don't want to pray. I don't want to read my Bible. I don't want to spend time with God. Or when I did pray, read my Bible & spend time with God it was as though I was getting nothing from it. So it was like what's the point. I guess some would call that a dry season? Not sure of the correct terminology. I never really had experienced anything like this before. I read blogs about it to see if I could get some help from those who could relate. Number one piece of advice was do it anyway. When you don't feel like it still pray. When you don't feel God like you used to keep being faithful. Don't quit. Show grit.
Although God may be teaching me these things I still battle with them daily. It's a choice follow your flesh or nah? To be honest sometimes the flesh wins. Other times it doesn't. The key is walking with God daily and recognizing my desperate need for Him if I'm going to make it through this life and glorify him in the process.

What is God teaching you in this season?


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