When You Make the Wrong Decision...

Ever felt like you wasted life? Ever felt like you always make the wrong decisions? At times I feel that my life is a ongoing list of wrong decisions. I always think back and regret some things: going to the college I chose, taking that internship, taking that job. I was miserable everyday and hated it and always seemed to be counting down the days all while asking Lord did I make the wrong decision again?

The question is Did I really allow myself to be led by Christ? No. Did I consult God concerning my decisions? No, just when praying that he would "bless these plans." Sometimes I feel that I've wasted my life. I could have been led by The Lord by submitting to his will by letting His desires become mine. But instead I was too busy leading myself. Is it possible I've wasted my life? I wasn't living with an eternity focused mind but instead a worldly focused mind. Was I allowing myself to be used the way God created me to be used? In my gut I'm torn. I say no but then I say well yes.

I say yes because God is sovereign. Nothing that happens is a surprise to him. So then maybe it wasn't a mistake. Maybe it happened exactly the way it was supposed to. To say it was a mistake is arrogant in a way. Because you're saying that you're the one calling the shots when actually you aren't. Christ is. Christ is the controller and he makes no mistakes.

Even though I was living life according to MY will and not his it's true that God was still in control. Nothing was a surprise to him and everything happened the way it was supposed to. God makes everything work together for our good right? Even through my selfish decisions - that he already knew I was going to make - I've seen God at work.

Through my college years God used me to start a Christian women's ministry - Pinky Promise ASC on the most secular of secular campuses. Through the worst internship ever in NYC I was so confused on God's direction for my life that I was led to a women's ministry that led me to develop a personal relationship with God something that I'd been lacking for 20 years. Through the job from hell God showed me myself and pruned me teaching me more about myself in two years than I've learned in 21. God takes the mess and uses it for a message. A message that's going to spread His name and not mine.

If you resonate with my words I want to ask what makes you think you made the wrong decision? Is it because the current decision you have made is bringing you trials and feels like a struggle and is making you miserable? Well truth is every decision even the "right" decisions will bring you trials & hardship.  Die to these feelings and emotions that your life's decisions are a chain of mistakes. Get over it. It happened. Move forward and do better next time. If it was up to me to make all the right decisions the first time then what would I need God for? If I perfectly submitted to Christ 24/7 or perfectly prayed to God concerning everything what would I need His Holy Spirit for? If I did everything right and everything perfect the first time why would I need grace?

Grace exists to cover us when we don't submit to God's will perfectly the first time he reveals it. Grace exists for when we aren't obedient to Christ when he instructs us to do something. Grace exists for the times when you allow your flesh to direct your path instead of Christ.

So no, my life is not one big ball of mistakes just one big ball of lessons. Lessons that taught me to: pray more, submit to Christ more, and to continually lay down my desires for His, stay in my lane and make sure I'm not making decisions based on the comparisons of my life to that of others.

I share this because I don't want other people to feel like they are wasting their life. I want to encourage others to submit their plans to Christ and to stop trying to lead themselves. I also want people to realize that if they have been leading themselves to stop and not beat themselves over the head but to be more intentional from here to forever. Cheers to more life lessons and a whole lot of grace and Jesus!

If you're single I want to see you at the She is Set Apart Conference 2015. This conference is geared towards singles and getting their minds back focused on God's purpose for their life now. This conference is to reshape how you view the single season.  

The world pumps singles with the message that they are not loved, wanted, chose, valued, pursued & [insert more lies here].  However, if we look to God's word we will see that actually those are all lies and we are wanted, chosen, loved, valued, pursued by Christ already.  

In Romans 1:1 Paul viewed his life during his singleness as a set apart servant for the Gospel of God.  What if all singles viewed themselves in that way?  What if we really believed that as a single God has chosen to set us apart as a servant for the Gospel? How differently would we be living during this single season?

I hope that you can join us for this FREE[registration required] conference on April 11, 2015 in Houston Texas at the University of Houston.  To register donate any amount to one of these Go Fund Me Campaigns. 
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