Reformed or Nah? Part Une

This is a new series that I will be sharing on this blog.  Doctrines, Theology, Calvin & etc... is all new to me.  God has been growing me as a Christian a lot and I'm really thirsty for knowledge and truth.  This series will be me chronicling the journey for you all.  Join in and share you thoughts and comments. So without any further delay here is part une[one in French (: ]

Let's take a trip down memory lane. As you may know a while back I wrote a post titled, "We can name & claim but only..." In this post I somewhat disagreed with ChaseGodTV's video on the topic. At this point God did not open my eyes to fully see the problem with word of faith doctrine.

During the time of my post I half-way got it. You can tell that I only half-way understood because I concluded the post by saying, the power is not in our words but God's hand. We can name & claim all we want but ultimately it's God's will that will reign.

After returning home from graduating college in May 2013 I was looking for a new church to attend. During my time in college I grew greatly as a Christian. Because as you know the summer before my senior year I learned about the importance of cultivating my own personal relationship with God.

Once I returned back home I really did not want to attend my "home" church where I grew up in from birth til 18. I believe I needed something more to meet me where I was at in this new growth I had experienced as a Christian.

So I began to attend a very popular large church in the area. I had convinced myself and others that this was the place for me. When others asked me where I went to church and I gave them a response it was if they turned their noses up at me. But I ignored them and continued faithfully attending each Sunday although I was quite the drive from my house. I even considered applying for a missions trip to Israel and serving in their childrens ministry.

A year went by. Throughout this time God had others plans. As usual....

It was a combination of tweets about how "Blank blank" is a word of faith false preacher, "Blank Blank" is a false teacher. Or people saying to my face he's just a motivational speaker with a pulpit. And several YouTube videos pointing out his heretical speech. I didn't understand why people hated him so. Someone even said, Well, I don't think God would bless his ministry to grow and allow all his books to sell if he was not speaking God's word.

Hmmm, I guess you're right is what I thought at the time. Or maybe not. I mean Lil Wayne and 'nem sure are "blessed" if you're talking about large amount of "money to blow" and crazy album sales. So #1 Albums and NY best seller books are how we determine that God approves of your actions?

So a year came around and I left that church. The tweets, YouTube videos, in person convos were just seeds God used to water and grow in my heart that forced me to really think. Ultimately it was through many months of prayer and scripture reading that God used to open my eyes to the truth found in His word.

I prayed and asked God to help me understand if this person is a false preacher. He showed me the characteristics of a false preacher in his word.

The book of 2 Peter Chapter 2 discusses false teachers & their destruction. You may think that everyone proclaiming the word of Jesus has pure motives & intentions but sadly this is not always the case!

In this book Paul gives 3 warning signs for identifying false teachers.

1. DEPRAVED CONDUCT - Does their ministry or lifestyle support immoral practices?
2. GREED - Is money their prime motivation for "ministry?" What is the money being used for? If it's to promote an extravagant lifestyle that's a problem!
3. LYING - Do they distort scripture or do they get upset when asked to back up their words with scripture?

Still it's hard for me to call that person a false preacher because I don't know if he is intentionally doing this. Only because I think he really just needs more in depth study time with The Lord and learn more about the Bible and theology. All I know I left that church.

The church took a self-centered approach to the gospel sprinkling God around here & there. I honestly thought it was because this pastor lacked a sound theological biblical background. In other words he didn't have much knowledge of scripture.

[Cant believe I just typed those words. Why go to a church where the pastor doesn't have much knowledge of scripture? Oy Vey. There's grace for that.]

However, that's not an excuse. There are doctrine sound preachers who haven't been to the worlds best seminary. And on the flip side there are preachers and people - college professors - who've been to seminary and twist scripture with no sweat.

What I've been learning is that reformed individuals look at scripture through a God-centered focus and not a self-centered focus. 

Reformed theology is all very new to me. I'm not trying to jump on the bandwagon. So no you won't see "REFORMED" or Soli Deo Gloria posted on my twitter or IG bio. All I know is I want to attend a church that teaches truth from the Bible point blank period.

If you are going through a similar situation I would encourage you to not just take people's word.  I say this because some people are very hateful in their speech but others are truly trying to speak the truth in love. Don't just take their word for it pray and study the word for yourself. God will reveal his truth to you.

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The world pumps singles with the message that they are not loved, wanted, chose, valued, pursued & [insert more lies here].  However, if we look to God's word we will see that actually those are all lies and we are wanted, chosen, loved, valued, pursued by Christ already.  

In Romans 1:1 Paul viewed his life during his singleness as a set apart servant for the Gospel of God.  What if all singles viewed themselves in that way?  What if we really believed that as a single God has chosen to set us apart as a servant for the Gospel? How differently would we be living during this single season?

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  1. This is such a thoughtful post! When I was in college, someone gave me a book called Nine Marks of a Healthy Church by Mark Dever, to help me pick a church when I moved to the big city after college. I think it is very helpful! Since then, I've moved a few times, but I always stay within the same denomination--but I still think critically about the preaching and community of the church before I decide to attend.
    I really, really, really love the point you make about "blessed" ministries and comparing them to other people who appear equally blessed, but they are definitely not serving Christ with their work (and would say so).

  2. Thanks for stopping by Sarah. I'll have to check out that book it sounds great.


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