Thoughts on Race, the Church, & Injustice

Situations concerning Ferguson, Trayvon Martin, Mike Brown, Eric Garner and etc... really conjure up a lot of different emotions for me.  

I felt anger because I relate these issues to my own experiences with race and attending a predominately white private Christian k-12 school and how that experience was for me.  There was also a ton of non-black people who called themselves Christians whose comments on social media were seriously appalling.  I think the same could be said from those who were black as well.  

I was also upset that the non-black Christian people I know kept silent during these issues. In particular those I went to highschool with  who I'm still in touch with and consider themselves to be followers of Christ why are they silent? I took this as maybe they don't care or maybe they like me need process time and don't know what really to say.  Regardless,  I believe if you consider yourself a Christian and injustice should bother you. Any injustice.

On the other hand I'm sort of forced to not just look at this from a black woman's perspective but from a Christian black woman's perspective which drastically changes things. I'm still working through my opinions on this but below are some resources that had me "amen-ning" and helped me work through my thoughts and emotions from a Biblical perspective.

Also to those who are not black and in particular white I want you to know that you don't need to jump on a sympathy vote bandwagon.  We see white brothers and sisters speaking out on these issues like Jeff Bethke, Matt Chandler, Piper & etc... and that's great but I'd caution you to don't just say things because you think it sounds good.  Be authentic or be silent. 

I truly believe this is a not skin issue but a sin issue. As we work through these issues may God give us grace and help us to extend this same grace to others.

Roundtable: Ferguson Podcast - RAANetwork
Roundtable: Ferguson Revisited Podcast - RAANetwork
Ferguson, Empathy Hope Video - Jeff Bethke.
I think he made some generalizations around how "black people" feel because really you can't lump us all together. Yet, I highly commend people of opposite races empathizing with us it's definitely refreshing to hear.
Racial Reconciliation Video - Matt Chandler Village Church
This video was extremely refreshing to here.  I commend him greatly for tackling this topic amongst his predominantly non-white congregation.  It even convicted me to re-think some things concerning race.

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The world pumps singles with the message that they are not loved, wanted, chose, valued, pursued & [insert more lies here].  However, if we look to God's word we will see that actually those are all lies and we are wanted, chosen, loved, valued, pursued by Christ already.  

In Romans 1:1 Paul viewed his life during his singleness as a set apart servant for the Gospel of God.  What if all singles viewed themselves in that way?  What if we really believed that as a single God has chosen to set us apart as a servant for the Gospel? How differently would we be living during this single season?

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