Spiritual Shanking - You are Not My Holy Spirit

Let me get straight to the point.  I'm tired of Christians hiding behind speaking the truth in love when really their motives are all the way screwed up.  Actually some people aren’t even trying to speak the truth in love[Ephesians 4:15] whereas others are just trying to be messy.

Social media makes it's so easy to "check" people. When someone posts a tweet you didn't like, a link to a blog with doctrinal error or an instagram photo that rubs you the wrong way you take it upon yourself to become the Christian police.  For some reason you feel the need to let Sally Sue know your opinions so you send a sub-tweet out. Don’t’ act like you don’t know what I’m saying.  A sub-tweet, a subliminal tweet response that was intended for Sally Sue but you're not bold enough to "at" her twitter name so she knows it's real.

This in my opinion is the wrong approach to "speaking the truth in love." So what am I saying? To at her twitter name next time so she knows it's real? No, not even.

My point is some of us have wrong motives behind these tweets, posts, snapchats, group me’s or whatever. Do we really care about showing Sally Sue the truth or do we just want to flaunt our Biblical head knowledge? Do we just want to spit some Spurgeon for the world to see and get tons of "likes" "favorites" "re-tweets" a "yeah girl you did that!" "PREACH" & etc...

Even if Sally Sue was to read your tweet and knew it was directed to her do you believe that would cause her to dig a little deeper in the word for the truth? Would it point her in the right direction? I doubt it. It'd probably leave a bitter taste in her mouth about you and probably would not open her eyes to the truth but yet further blind her. A gentle answers turns away wrath[Proverbs 15:1].

If you really want to "speak the truth in love" because you genuinely are concerned message Sally Sue privately. If you know Sally Sue personally call her, talk to her about it. Not to shame her in public. Not to boast about all your theology & Christian growth that you feel sometimes elevates you to be the Christian police. Instead, speak the truth in love because you desperately desire people to come into the knowledge of the truth and you want to see them grow just as you have.

I've been on all sides. I’ve been the one watching it all go down from the balcony.  I’ve been on the side doing the shanking and the side receiving it. I now think twice before posting anything. How is this going to glorify God? What are my motives behind it? I’m also quick to hit my unfollow, unfriend, un-whatever button if I constantly see someone participating in some mess.

So Christians please realize that you make a terrible Holy Spirit.  You are not anyone's Holy Spirit so stop the subliminal bullying or the spiritually shanking as I like to call it.  Ain't nobody got time for that.

Have you been on the receiving end of a tweet that you know was geared towards you but yet the person didn’t directly confront you about it? Or have you posted a subliminal tweet?


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  1. Absolutely love this blog sis and I will be reposting on my social media because this is the truth in love =)

  2. Awww thanks sis that's means a lot!


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