What God is Teaching Me in This Season? Vol. 1

I decided that it would be good to start a new series on this blog called: In This Season.  In these posts I will highlight what God is teaching me in that season. God is truly using this season of life to sanctify me.  He is really showing me myself and all my ugliness. I believe God uses every season in some way to sanctify us but for me he is using this season to sanctify me like never before and boy does it hurt sometimes.  He’s bringing me through tests and trials to sanctify me.  Therefore, I wanted to share in hopes that it could help someone else.

According to my Life Application Bible Sanctify means to cleanse or set apart for sacred use; to declare or make Holy.  I see this season as a season where God is really pulling some stuff out of me that doesn't look like Him. It's painful and being tested isn't all that fun but I know it's necessary for whatever it is that God has called me to do in the next season.

So currently here is what God is teaching me….

Patience: Being an elementary teacher really requires a lot of patience. I'm learning to be more patient not only with my students but with other adults and God. When I’m tempted to become impatient I’m quickly reminded of how patient God continually is with me.  Bless His heart because I know I’m a handful LOL.

"Love is patient" 1 Corinthians 13:4

Be selfless: I'm kind of selfish. I'm an only child and I'm used to being catered to by my mom. Even now as a 23-year old my mom won't hesitate to help me out in any way that she can. She's so selfless and I'm so not. I'm working on dying to myself and my emotions daily. I force myself to go out of the way to do something for others even when I don't feel like it. Especially as someone who has the desire to marry I understand that you NEED to be selfless. It's just not an option.

"Let each of you look not only to his own interest, but also to the interests of others."
Philippians 2:4
Be still: I'm a type-A lets plan things out and get it done as soon as possible type person. I constantly want to be productive. In my mind idle time is time wasted. Therefore, I constantly find myself jumping into things I have no business doing just to seem busy. This is a real problem. Why would you want to be doing something God never asked you to do. I've other heard others say being outside his will is a dangerous place to be. I'd agree. I don't want to be a wind chaser. Living life in vain doing meaningless tasks. I want to be purpose driven and eternity focused. I'm coming to the end of one season – teaching - and about to head into the next and honestly I'm not at all sure what the next season is. This is new for me. I always have a plan and know what's next. However, God is asking me to just CHILL and be still and let him lead and direct my steps. I cannot do my will and the will of the father. Somebody has to relinquish control. That someone is me!

Many are the plans in a person's heart, but it is the Lord's purpose that prevails." Proverbs 19:21
Depend on Christ: Now I am use to being catered to but I’m still very independent.  I don’t really like to ask people for anything.  I just want to do everything myself.  I don’t want to burden people and I hate to ask someone to do something when I know they probably don’t want to anyways. However, this attitude can pour over into my relationship with Christ. I have to stop being self-sufficient and learn to depend on Him.

"Apart from me you can do nothing." John 15:5

The commentary section in my life application Bible said, Sanctification is the process of Christian growth through which the Holy Spirit makes us like Christ.  This is a gradual lifelong process that will be completed when we see Jesus face to face.  We aren’t perfect yet, we are moving towards it as God continues to work on us and in us.

While sanctification doesn’t always feel good I kind of like it.  Only because It reminds me even with all my hot mess I am chosen by Him.  Also through the process I’m become more and more like Him and that to me is worth it.

What is God teaching you in this season?


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  1. Love the honesty in this post. Prayers for you for growth, self-awareness and an open heart in this season of sanctification!


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