Thoughts on Christian Girl Instagram

"101 tips & tricks to get more likes on your devotional photos."

Have you seen the Christian Girl Instagram video? Someone on my twitter timeline posted a link to it & of course it immediately caught my attention.

I nearly cried laughing as I watched the whole thing thinking about girls I know fit the Christian girl insta-mold perfectly. Forgive me Lord. There's grace for that.

Anyways later that evening I get on Instagram and no not to post a photo of a scripture or my devotional but just to leisurely browse. As I'm scrolling I actually see people posting about why they are upset about Christian girl Instagram and encouraging others to not let the video shame them about posting their scriptures.

Okay. I guess people are offended or just convicted by this video.
You know in your heart if you post scriptures or devotional photos to actually share and help others, to keep up appearances, or just because your thirsty for likes and followers.

You know your motives. God also knows your motives.

"All a person's ways seem pure to them, but motives are weighed by the LORD." Proverbs 16:2

I mentioned early where names of girls were running through my mind that fit the Christian girl Instagram mold. Well I also thought about people who are probably thinking I'm a splitting image of Christian girl Instagram.

I know that I've posted photos on Instagram of scriptures and my devotional time. I know that in the past I have posted with the wrong motives. However, now I rarely post on my personal Instagram.  When I do it's never pictures of myself or anyone. Instead it's full of scriptures or Christian quotes. My motives are pure which is why I didn't personally take offense to the video.

On another note I do agree that we shouldn't be fearful of what others think about what we post. Especially if un-believers follow us. We shouldn't let what others might think cause us to stop posting about God. Let's make sure it is about God though and not us or how Holy and good of a Christian we'll look like with these perfectly edited scripture photos.

Maybe we should all do a better job of making sure that before we post anything in the Christian category or not we should check our motives.

Ask yourself why do I want to post this?

If your motives are pure post it!

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  1. It was definitely entertaining. Thanks for stopping by Emily!

  2. Great post! It was definitely interesting and called a few things to attention that Chritstian girls obsessed with IG (like myself) need to hear, like keeping our motives in check. Thank you for sharing your heart!

  3. I think we've all be guilty of Christian Girl Instagraming at some point lol.


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