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1. What time do you wake up and what’s a typical breakfast?
Oh my. I’m exhausted thinking about what I’m about to type. M-F I wake up at 4:45am sometimes snooze for an extra ten minutes.  I’m a morning person so on the weekends I normally wake up by 8am or before.
I don’t eat breakfast. Unless it’s Shipley’s Donuts and if I do eat breakfast it’s normally around 11am-12pm which is more like brunch.  However, since I’m a teacher I sometimes eat the school breakfast if they are serving kolaches, frosted flakes, mini pancakes or oatmeal bars.
2. Do you have a day job? If so, what do you do? How do you find the balance between blogging and work? What are the pros and cons? If blogging is your full-time gig, explain how that came to be.

I am a full-time third grade math and science teacher in a low income community. Since my job is high-stress and eats up much of my time I do not really have a balance between blogging. I normally blog on my days off or holidays. Cons would be that I can't always be as....candid, blunt, or straightforward as I'd like to be because someone I work with could easily find this blog. Pros would be God has really developed and grown me through the trials my current job has brought me through and many things that I've shared on my blog stem from those experiences.
3. Where did you grow up (what city/town, do you have siblings, can you share any stories about your upbringing)? Where do you currently reside?
I am TX born and raised. I am an only child. I attended a private Christian school from K-12 in a small suburb on the Westside of Houston. I was one of very few African Americans in the entire school. I really did not enjoy my experience but from it I learned how to interact with people from all backgrounds.  I’m thankful for this because I’ve noticed many people who have spent a large majority of their life around people just like them[same race, socio-economic background, religion, etc…] feel very uncomfortable and don’t know how to act around those who are different than they are.  On the other hand, while I may not love being the odd man out I have learned how to bloom wherever I am planted. Aside from my schooling I had a pretty decent childhood. I was definitely spoiled and still am. #OnlyChildPerks
4. Outline your average, typical day.
Wake up at 4:45am get ready and leave the house by 5:50am get to school at 6:50am. Prep my classroom for the day until 7:40am. Pick up my Homeroom at 7:45am. Teach 22 kids math and science until 10:25am. I have a one hour break[praise God] while my students are at ancillary until 11:25am. Then lunch from 11:30-12:00.  Then I get a new group of 22 kids to teach math and science to until 3:00pm. Usually have my instruction time interrupted 5 times a day by visitors or people coming in to critique my teaching ability. Dismissal duty until 3:30. Leave to go home at 3:45 get home by 5:00pm. Or sometimes if I have training I stay after school until 5:00pm and the training will start around 6:00pm or 6:30pm.  It ends at 8:00pm or 8:30pm and I get home around 9:15pm and maybe eat something and then crash to only wake-up and do it all over again. YAY! [insert stale face smiley]
5. What’s your dream job/career? How are you working towards that?
OMGosh ideally I want to be a housewife and run She is Set Apart full-time.  However, since it’s not guaranteed that I get married I would love to work for a church or a Christian non-profit or work with college-aged students. [If you know of open positions let a girl know - so serious] And of course continue to blog on here and run She is Set Apart.
6. What would be your dream dinner-party guest list? Explain why you chose each person.
Well I’m a preferred introvert so this would most likely never happen. However, if it did I would invite my mom and Jesus Christ, God, and the Holy Spirit. Why? Because they are my favorites (:
7. What’s one thing you’d like to start, one thing you’d like to stop, and one thing you’d like to continue?
One thing I’d like to start is summer break 2015. One thing I’d like to stop is my unhealthy eating habits.  One thing I’d like to continue is running Sheis Set Apart.
8. What’s your current obsession?
YouTube Videos. Slightly addicted.
9. Link to 5 websites/blogs you can’t go a week without.

I’m not that addicted to blogging or web surfing but here are some I enjoy:
She is Set Apart //
Heather Lindsey //
Pinky Promise Movement //
Reformed African American Network //
Whole Magazine //

10. Tag and mention 1 blogger who you’d like to partake in this feature.

I tag S’ambrosia Wasike who writes an amazing column for Single and Married women over at She is Set Apart but her personal blog is:                                                                                                                                                                         
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  1. Okay, so I just Google my name and came across this post. I didn't even know you had a personal blog, girl! I'm going to have to get on this challenge.


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