Contentment Challenge!

I recently discovered that I have a problem with contentment. I realized this one Sunday as I was at church. It was as though the words coming from the pastors mouth were melting off the blinders covering my eyes.

I realized that nothing is ever going to satisfy me the way I want it to. There is no "once I just get this I will be eternally happy." Unfortunately that's not how things work. I realized that I really have to work on this before marriage. I have a strong desire to be married but once I get married that will no longer be good enough. Then I'll want kids & once I get kids that'll no longer be good enough. The cycle would continue throughout my life if I didn't put a stop to it immediately.  For 22 years this has been my problem.

Now that I've identified a problem I needed a solution.  Therefore, I used my life application bible to research about contentment in scripture. I found that it's easy to be discontent when you don't realize what you have been blessed with. In other words if you're not thankful for what you currently have you will never be thankful when you get something else. However, when you realize what you have and you are thankful for it, it's truly easy to be content.

After realizing this I decided to do a contentment challenge. For this challenge I would come home from work and write in my journal what I was thankful for about that day. I would mentally go through my day and I would write down every little thing I was thankful for about that day. Let me tell you this helped me tremendously.

You see when you're thankful for what you have you have no time to think about what you don't have. Things really become put into perspective.  The only thing that can satisfy us is Jesus Christ. If you try and put things and people in his place you will continue to be let down every time leaving you discontent.  Anything you have in addition to Jesus is nothing more than an added bonus. Never forget that

I want to encourage you who are reading this post. First, thank you for stopping by & please share this post with someone you know.  Secondly, if you connected with anything I said on this post I encourage you to do your own contentment challenge. Do this consistently, every day. Life happens so if you skip a day pick right back up where you left off. Together let's become content alone in Christ.

Leave a comment below if you realize you've been struggling with contentment and now plan to do the Contentment Challenge.


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