The Pursuit | Part 1

Not too long ago I finished reading the book Spoken For by Alyssa Bethke and Robin Jones Gunn. The book is geared towards helping women find their identities in Christ alone and to reminding women of the truths in God's word. This book really changed my life because it help put things into perspective. Specifically it helped me see that God pursues us constantly even we pursue everything but him in return. He pursues the woman pursues church over God - she is involved in a ton of ministries at her church, never misses a Sunday, leads Bible study, and gives back to her community. He also pursues the I say I'm a Christian but my actions do not align with God's word - she goes to church with her little boyfriend who she's fornicating with, who rather go to the club than open her Bible, whose mouth spews curse words right after & before she says Bible scriptures. Yes, that woman. He pursues these two types of women and everyone(men included) in between. 

Many of us have believed a lie of the enemy. The lie that when we mess up & I mean really mess up that God turns his back on us. Or maybe we know that God loves us unconditionally and he doesn't turn his back on us but we feel distant from him. Whatever the case may be the truth is when we mess up which is all the time God turns towards us. God pursues us. 

In Genesis 3 we read about the fall of man which includes the story of our favorite couple: Adam and Eve. As we all know Adam and Eve bit the apple from the tree God clearly told them not to eat from. Why do people do things they've been told not to do? I ask myself this every day in my classroom. I give my students very clear explicit instructions & you always have a few that just do not want to follow instructions. As an angry teacher I storm over to my clip chart, find the clothespin with their name on it & move them down to warning, silent lunch, or removal from class. 

Considering that us as humans get angry & upset when others just don't listen we'd expect that God would get angry with Adam and Eve right? I mean after all he made it so clear - if you eat from this tree you will die point blank period. Yet, God did not get mad with Adam or Eve. Mind blowing I know because I sure would have. Instead, it says in Genesis 3:8 - "And they heard the sound of the LORD God walking in the garden in the cool of the day, and the man and his wife hid themselves from the presence of the LORD God among the trees of the garden." Robin, in the book Spoken For, points out God was walking in the cool of the day. Not storming and stomping his feet saying, "Didn't I tell you not to eat from this tree you crazy people. I should have never created you. I'll take your life right now. Don't come to me any more for anything!" You might have read that picturing God popping and rolling his neck. LOL. Anyways this is not how God reacted he calmly walked over to them & said "where are you?". He went towards them even when they blew it for everyone to come.

God does the same for us. When we messed up he already knew we were going to mess up because he's an all knowing God. But he doesn't get mad or angry with us. He lavishes us with his grace. He says I know you messed up but I still love you. I still care. I care so much that I'm going to pursue you and help you get back up & do better next time. Wow! I'm so glad that this is the type of God I serve. 

I want to close by saying God pursues us but who are you pursuing? Are you steadily pursuing that man, that job, that house, that car, fame, fortune, that marriage, wedding, baby? What is it? None of these things can satisfy you like God can. He wants to satisfy you but how can he when you won't let him because you're so busy filling your voids with other things and making them idols. God is pursuing you today what are you pursuing?

The Pursuit | Part 2 coming saturday

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