What you waiting for? Just do it.

God keeps showing me if I want things I need to take the first step.  It's like we pray to God and just wait.  How about pray and act.  We constantly here these Christian cliches like "Let Go & Let God" & that's all fine and dandy but some tend to interpret this as code for "sit back and do nothing."  No sir, this doesn't work.  

I was listening to a Focus on the Family podcast on my way to work one morning and they were talking about relationships.  If I remember correctly he was talking about the whole "the one" mindset and how he believes that there is no "the one" but God gives us multiple "the ones" and it's up to us to make a decision & move forward.  Agree, disagree whatever that topic is for another time.  Anyways, he said it is like a college student saying, "well if the Lord wants me to go to UT he'll have the admissions office send me a letter."  Like really? Ridiculous right. I mean nothing's to hard for God so this could very well happen but 9/10 it doesn't.  You need put in some work and get that application submitted.

So should we pray and act?  Praying and acting is something I'm very hesitant about because I used to just act and pray later.  But after getting myself in so many messy situations I began to now pray and wait.  Trusting that God is going to make the way crystal clear.  This hardly ever happens because God isn't always going to let you see the whole staircase before you make a decision you need faith to take the first step.  So it's about finding the right balance.  If you have peace about a situation why not go for it? Especially if it's a Christ-centered endeavor as it should be.  You're waiting on God to drop a sign from the sky to start that christian clothing line or to go on that missions trip. Saying "oh well I'm not sure if that's something God wants me to do." When you should be asking "why wouldn't God want me to do this?"  It's simple if it's God led/centered & if you have peace about it.  Do it!

For example, I had an opportunity to apply for an all expense paid trip to Israel this summer for about a week & a half.  When I saw the opportunity I got really excited.  However, I was like wait let me pause and pray about this before I start running ahead of God.  After praying and waiting I was like you know what I'm going to go ahead an apply.  I mean when else will I have the opportunity to visit Israel and experience the rich history it has to offer?  So I did it.  I applied.  And I said Lord your will not mine and I left it at that.  We've got to learn that if God wants to open a door for you he will.  If he doesn't want to open that door for you because he has something better ahead, he won't.  It's that simple. End of story.

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