You are wanted!

You ever skip your quiet time with God because the things of this world have you bogged down, burdened, or just straight up tired?  I know I've felt this way many times.  Each time I get disappointed with myself but even worse I feel that God is disappointed or angry with me because I made the things of this world an idol.  I let Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, or lesson planning, calling parents, submitting deliverables or whatever else seem more important than spending that quiet time with my precious savior.  As a result I have a guilty conscience about it.

I like to spend my quiet time with God in the morning.  Because that really helps set the tone for the rest of my day. However, since I live so far away from my job during the week I often spend my quiet time with him when I come home.  As an elementary teacher I'm usually exhausted by then and I'm just tired.  Or I have a meeting at another location after school and by the time I get home it's 9:00pm and I know that my alarm will go off again at 4:45am so I take myself right to bed. But I find it interesting that before I close my eyes I can hop on Instagram or my email for a good 10 Minutes even though I'm "so tired."

Sometimes I skip my quiet time with God because I do not have a full hour that I can devote to him.  However, God never said never said devote an hour or nothing.  Anything is better than nothing because that's how discipline develops.  It becomes a habit.  So either your habit will become let's skip quiet time with God today. Or let me sit down and spend time with God.  It requires serious discipline. And if you're too busy for God you are just too busy. You may think oh I'm so tired or I have this stressful job so when I get home I just want to relax. Or you may say I have not time,  But you need to realize that once you get married spending time with God gets even more difficult because you now have even less time. Then once you have children it gets been more difficult because you have even less time. That's why it's important to develop that discipline of spending time with God now. Or else that blessing - marriage or child - God gave you is going to be considered an idol because you rather spend all your time with that than God.

When you don't spend quiet time with God know that God is not angry with you.  He does miss you though.  And you will reap the consequences of not spending that time with Him.  Because if you do to fill yourself up with His word then your spirit will be running on "E" when it needs to be on "F." Therefore you're going to start looking more and acting more like this world since that's where all you time is being spent.  Instead you are going to start operating out of the flesh which is never good. You won't have that patience to deal with Sally on your job tomorrow because you didn't clothe yourself in your right mind.

The time you spend with God is more for you than him.  Because you are the one that needs Him, he doesn't need you but He wants you.  So if you stop and "contemplate The Lord's glory" (2 Cor 3:18) and think about Him not needing you but just wanting you,  that should be enough motivation right there. Know that the God of this universe wants you.  You are wanted.

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