Pursue Peace.

Ever had a day or a series of days where things have pretty much even spiraling out of control.  Like where's God to stop the chaos?  Know that's he's right there watching and he is trying to teach you something if you'd just be still and seek His face.

Last week was chaos at my job.  My students were acting a fool.  All in one day one cussed me out and the other told me to shut up.  Both were sent straight to the office.  It's funny because I'm always told by my principals and everyone how good my classroom management is.  I normally humbly receive their "praises" like oh thanks you so much I appreciate that. When in my head I was like yeah I be running that classroom.  Therefore, I guess God saw some pride was on the brink of rising so He shut that down before it was even allowed to surface.  Letting me know that you not running nothing I am. So I was like alright God you right, you right I'm just an instrument being used in your play.

Of course during this situation I prayed to God for help.  I prayed for peace.  I yet again felt like quitting my job because I was not feeling respected by my students.  This was a distraction from the enemy he would want me to throw in the towel with 58 days of school left.  I asked God for peace and basically his response through his word was pursue it.
If you want peace pursue it.  1 Peter 3:11 says, "They must turn from evil and do good; they must seek peace and pursue it."

In the situation above I was not pursuing peace.  I was turning towards evil.  How?  Well I probably had the worst tone with my students and set them off.  In addition I had dropped the ball on my quiet time with God.  I wasn't spending time with him like I know I should have been.  Isn't Christ the"Prince of Peace"?  Therefore, in order to find my peace I should have been seeking him but I neglected to do that and as a result I suffered the consequences. I had a part to play in that situation.  I couldn't play victim and act innocent.  Like Lord why is all this happening to me.  Nah, I knew why. From the experience I learned I definitely could of handled the situation better.  I could have made a conscience decision to "keep calm & carry on" but I chose otherwise. People will always say something to set you off just don't let it set you off. Point blank period. Keep your peace.

As little children we would always pitch a fit over little things someone did to us and take it upon ourselves to get them back.  That's a childish mentality.  As adults we unfortunately can sometimes revert to those childish ways.  Yet, scripture says in 2 Timothy 2:22, "Flee the evil desires of youth and pursue righteousness faith, love, and peace."  There it is again - run from evil & pursue peace. It's simple.  I have learned to intentionally remove myself from situations and people that cause strife. I learned that peace, joy, love, & etc... are not just going to show up on my doorstep.  Instead, I have to go get it.  I have to pursue it.  I must intentionally pursue peace.  I can't let it find me but I must find it.  Selah.

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