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Whole. I've been totally annoyed with this word as I often have heard and still hear from married Christians, "once you are content and whole in Christ then you'll get your spouse." You can read my blog about that whole phenomenon to the right underneath popular posts titled, "A Husband is NOT a reward."   So any-who with this word and variations of it continuing to be thrown around left and right I decided to study it for myself.

To be "whole in Christ" what does that even really mean?  My life application bible defines the word whole as, "complete, entire." After reading the definition and thinking about it I began to think of being "whole in Christ" as being good or satisfied with Christ alone.  It means your identity is not based in anything else.  Your self-worth comes from being a child of God not the cars you drive, where you live, the money you make, how you dress, your looks.  Nothing else.  When you are whole you need nothing else to complete you because you are completed in Christ.  

Ah ha! Now things are making sense.  See before I was thinking as whole meaning being brought to perfection in the sense of you have all the fruits of the Spirit straight ripe in your life.  All of them developed like now what - #Flawless?  I was thinking whole as being extra spiritually mature.  I was like this complete/whole in Christ before you can get a man thing ain't it.  Like if you still desire being married then you're not whole because you should only desire God and God alone.   I'm being so honest right now.  This is how these married women or other Christians made it seem.  However, now I would agree that women need to get whole before marriage. We must be complete in Christ and not looking for a man to validate us. But it is still not a formula for a man to appear.  Wholeness does not equal a husband as your reward. As I said before there are many whole women still single.

I would like to point out being whole does not mean that you have no desires.  It is okay to desire owning a business, having a family or being married.  Nothing is wrong with that.  You can still be whole in Christ and have desires as long as they aren't contrary to God and His word.  Also these desires cannot outweigh the desire you have for Christ.  If you need something to make you feel valued then that's when you are not whole.  Wholeness is when you completely understand that you are God's chosen masterpiece and that alone is enough for you.  

So how do we become whole?  Spend time with God in prayer, and devotions, and fast.  It will be through these times that you will see what you thought you needed[that man, job, likes on Instagram photos, etc...] you never really needed I the first place.  Christ is really enough.  Anything else is simply an added signature

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