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Now if you follow the Pinky Promise Movement(PP) or the blog of Heather Lindsey founder of PP you know that she talks a lot about NO RANDOMS. For who are confused on what I'm saying let me fill you in.  If you date someone who you do not intend to marry that person is a random. Your relationship with them is serving no purpose.

Now I always thought that this really didn't have much relevance in my life because I haven't dated. In my mind I was like "I have no randoms but I know Sally, Jane, and Sarah who are dating randoms so let me pass this word along to them so they can get with the program." However, I soon came to the realization that I did have randoms. A bunch of them to be exact.  Stay with me. Let me break it down for you.

A random can also be a bunch of Christian or "sorta saved men" that you follow on social media networks.  There are many saved men who tweet about Christ all day long or make YouTube videos about Christian topics.  To be honest some of these men are pretty attractive.  So what do you do? Well your wheels get turning.  After all that could be your "Adam" right?  Therefore, you start trying to wake him up.  How do you try to wake him up you?  So glad you asked.  You comment on all his pictures.  You "like" everything he posts from 39 weeks back on Instagram.  You comment on all his videos.  You retweet and favorite just about everything you see them post. You "at" or "mention them[twitter talk] constantly.  Hoping deep down they notice you and maybe just maybe take interest in you.  This could be that love connection you've been praying for.

Now let me just say I haven't gone to this extreme where it's like stalker status some women have.  However, I would be lying if I said I didn't see a brothas profile pic every now and then and start feeling some type of way. Don't front like you don't know. You may say what's the problem with trying to reach out to another "brother" or "sister" in The Lord.  My response would be there is no problem with communication in the body of believers in fact it's welcomed and very much necessary.  However, your motives would be the problem.  Are you really reaching out for them for strictly Biblical advice or to commend them on a convicting tweet, post, video, or blog? Or are you secretly wanting more?  If that man was interested in you they would have pursued you.

After being convicted about this I did what I had to do and cleaned out my social media accounts.  Removing anyone and everyone who could be a stumbling block to me.  My flesh said, just keep following them it's no big deal.  My Spirit said, do the right thing. Hit the unfollow button, unsubscribe, un-friend. Block if you have too.  I also have no business lusting over some man who could be some one else's Adam. How could God bring my one day husband if I'm sitting over here infatuated with some dude across the global because his tweets are oh so Holy.  Yeah, not worth it.  That place in my heart for my future husband and can not be clouded by some random in Timbucktoo.  Temptation surely will come but remember that with temptation The Lord will provide an escape [1 Corinthians 10:13].  That means you can shutdown your device, log out, fast from social media, click someone else's page.  Do what you need to do.  Your one day hubby will thank you that you got Bill from Facebook out of your mind.  Leave a comment below if you can relate to having social media randoms.  Join me and remove the randoms from your life signature


  1. Thanks for being transparent :) You're absolutely right, we need to check our motives and stay focused on Christ!


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