Hush & Pray!

Straight from the heart on this one. This is going to be short & sweet. When are my Christian brothers & sisters going to learn to just SHUT UP? Hear me out now. 
Between homosexuality and prosperity gospel debates I'm getting tired of it. Sometimes silence will have more power than your words. Stop getting into debates with people over their religion, sexual orientation, the so-called “prosperity preachers” people listen to, or what have you. You may say, "Well I'm just trying to help them!" Actually you're not helping at all. You're probably hurting yourself because you're all emotionally invested and they've tuned you out a long time ago.  If someone wants to continue with their ways your continual barking at them will not help one bit.

As scripture says, “For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.” – Ephesians 6:12.  The minds of these people are controlled by the spiritual forces of evil.  So that means in many cases no matter how much truth you believe you are speaking into their lives their minds are held captive by the powers of this dark world.  You in your weak human flesh do not have the power to overcome these forces.  This means trying to rationalize truth with a fool is not going to work. However, you can intercede through the spiritual realm. You may be weak but you serve an almighty, strong, and powerful God.  Therefore, here is what you can do: PRAY! You cannot change people but God can.  So instead of ineffectively beating them over the head with memorized scripture pray for them.
I don't know about you but I'm not trying to loose sleep over nothing or nobody.  I learned this lesson very quick in college. I was one of 5% of Christians on my campus with the other 95% making up all kinds of religions & a very large LBGTQ population.  It was a very diverse environment.  With that said, this was my first experience with people who had totally different viewpoints than I did on a wide range of topics.  Many times I would get into discussions with people that would piss me off or the other people involved.  So then I learned to change my approach to come off in the least offensive way possible.  Think this worked? NOPE people would still be mad.  Their minds were held captive by evil forces.  This is when I learned to just hush up & pray.  
I don't have time to argue with people. My beliefs are my beliefs. If you ask me my opinion on a topic I'll gladly give you my two cents but I refuse to waste my words in an argument.  This is why when that whole duck dynasty controversy arose I was like BYE.  "To argue with a fool proves there are really two."  Let me be clear the other fool is YOU!  No, that is not a Biblical quote but it has much truth to it.
Please my fellow Christians I urge you to SHUT UP. Know when to speak & when to hush. Chances are the Holy Spirit has tugged on your heart several times to exit a heated debate but your flesh just wouldn't let you.  Let’s stop “arguing with useless talk” Job 15:3. Your most powerful weapon is prayer.  Use it.
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