The Red Part It's Only Temporary.

Today is a snow day here in Texas. Well not really. School is cancelled so that means as a teacher I have a day off.  Not too long ago I was in my living room dancing to this news.  A snow day thank you Lord Jesus.  I woke up today at my regularly scheduled time of 4:45AM and I was so excited about having a day off I couldn't go back to sleep.  So I spent my time doing the usual looking on Instagram, Facebook, & twitter, and watching YouTube videos.  I said I'll read my Bible and have quiet time with God a little later in the day.  Soon after I found myself watching a video by Francis Chan. The cover photo for this video was a picture of him holding a red and white rope & the title of the video was "What are you living for?" So I decided to click the video it was only 4.5 minutes.  Unlike Sweet Brown I had time for that [haha you laughed and you know it]. Anywho the video was amazing.  Pause on reading my blog right now and please go watch it then come back. Don't worry, I'll wait. Video:

Amazing right?  For those who can't or didn't watch the video I'll sum it up.  Francis Chan was holding a long, long, long white rope & at the tip of the end of one side it was colored red.  He said the red part represented our time here on earth.  Whereas the white part represented our time in eternity either spent with Christ or with the evil one.  He said the time we have on earth is so minute in the grand scheme of things.  And most importantly what we did with that little red part prepared us for what would happen with our eternity.  This is why we can't sit around and worry and put all our energy and effort into the trivial things of our life here on earth.  When am I going to meet my Adam? When am I going to get married? When am I going to have kids?  When will I get promoted on my job?  When will I find a job?  How will I get money to pay off my student loans?  & on and on and on.  Are these the things we really consider important?  There is work for the kingdom to be done.  There are lives that need to be saved!

I was immediately convicted.  I immediately stopped what I was doing and decided to have my quiet time with God right then. Not later in the day like I said previously but at that moment.  I wanted to pray out loud but my voice has been very scratchy and weak since Tuesday but it's slowly getting better.  Therefore, I decided to pull out my journal and get to writing.

This is what I said, "Lord I thank you for this renewed perspective I have on life as a result of this video. Lord this life I have is only the red part and the decisions I make today determine the outcome of the white part - my eternity.  I am meant for so much greater.  I have an outlook on life that is different than others[unbelievers] and I am thankful that you chose me and I want every minute of every second of that red part dedicated to living to please you. I ask that you help me to live & act with urgency.  I have no fears & no weapons formed against me shall prosper.  I feel sort of dumb looking forward to these little human life events [marriage, graduating, kids & etc...] because while they are great blessings from you they don't even compare to the excitement and true joy that eternity with you will bring.  Although I will try my best to stay focused and kingdom minded I ask that when I loose sight [because I'm human] of this because all that life brings that you will immediately redirect my thoughts to what is important - eternity aka the white part. I have work to do for your kingdom."

I, we, you, & me.  We have work to do before our savior returns.  You may have lost sight of this along the way but let's re-focus and get back to making sure that all we do, say & think points back to Christ. So that when this red part is over & we step over into the white we can hear those words from the Holy One of Israel, "well done good & faithful servant." Because that is all that we are - servants for his kingdom.

2 Corinthians 4:18' "So we fix our eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen, since what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal."

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