God doesn't need your help!

As I reflect on life and 2013 the absolute most important thing that I have learned is that God does not need your help.  For some very strange reason Christians have a difficult time stepping out of the way and letting God handle things.  I know for me personally I loved always being in control and planning things out.  And then when it came time to execute the plan things always went perfectly as planned....said no one ever!  In fact things never went as planned. I thought that if things went as planned then all my dreams would come true and I would be completely happy and fulfilled.  However, this never was the case.  

I remember in college I always had to plan things out and always be looking for my next big move.  I like fashion and I always wanted to work in fashion.  I think I may have watched too many episodes of the Hills but anyways the summer after my junior year I was determined to have a summer internship in fashion.  And absolutely nothing could stop me from doing that.   And you know when you have these little plans you will pray over it and ask God to bless it. Like here you go God everything is lined up and ready to go all I need you to do is sign here on the dotted line.  Just convince the lady I interview with tomorrow to hire me thats all no big deal. C'mon ladies don't act like you don't know what I'm talking about.  I think we are all guilty of that.  I have done this time and time again.  And guess what this time
God gave me my little hearts desire.  He said okay a fashion internship is what you want a fashion internship is what you'll get. I actually didn't enjoy the internship and chose to leave early.  Isn't that what always happens?  Our plans get us in a little mess and then we want God to come and clean it all up.  He had to give me what I wanted just so I could see that it really wasn't what I wanted at all.  Don't get me wrong I loved fashion and still do till this day.  But God was no where up in that fashion internship.  There was no purpose other than selfish-ambition.  We have got to stop coming up with our little plans and just wanting God to bless them.  That's not how things work.

I feel like as Christians we need to just step out of the way.  I was reading during my morning devotional about how Paul said to the church in Corinth that "everything should be done in a fitting and orderly way. 1 Cor. 14:40" This message was said because God is not a God is disorder but of peace and therefore we as Christians should strive to keep the house of The Lord in order.  However, with this said, Christians and churches can become very rigid and predictable allowing no room for The Lord to do His work.  But our God cannot be put in a box! Let's remember He allowed Sarah to have a baby at 99 that's not very common or predictable but rather unpredictable and surprising.  Sarah didn't carefully plan out having Issac at 99 but rather she prayed to God and in God's timing in His own way He orchestrated the situation and answered her prayer.  Yes, at one point Sarah tried to rush ahead of God and that's how we got Ishmael and she learned her lesson.  The point is that Sarah having a baby at 99 is proof that we should not rule out God's unpredictability, joy and creativity.   I think it's totally cool and fine to want to plan things out but understand that if your plans don't end up happening the way you wanted them to on your timeline that's totally fine because that just means God has something better for us in store.  We just need to step back and let God do His work. 

I don't know who I'm speaking to right now but many women have their 5 and 10 year goals or this fantasy constructed in their head of how they will move up the corporate ladder, when they are supposed to be married & have kids or what have you.  Then maybe you submit this request unto God, "God I want me a man by 25." I'm sure that God is already fully notified about your hopes and dreams for marriage but instead of praying to God for Him to bring that man in His perfect timing you try to speed things up by helping God help you.  Maybe you are going to Bible studies, conferences, and church on Sunday in your Sunday best, makeup done, hair done, everything did scouring the isles and making yourself readily available for your Adam who ain't even done being prepared in the first place.  Just rest! You are so busy trying to help God out but guess what God doesn't need your help so please stop!  He knows exactly what He's doing.  He knows the days of your life from beginning to end.  He's fully aware of the desire in your heart to be married and he's going to bring you this man in due time.  God knows that you are about to graduate college in a few months.  He knows that you desperately need a job.  Trust me he knows.  God knows your thoughts even before they come to your little mind.  He knows.  Let Him do His thing.  You are going to find yourself in a bad situation trying to navigate yourself through life with no disregard for where God is trying to lead you.  You need to be willing to give up your plans and surrender to God's plans which are way better than any little thing you could have ever fathomed in your entire life.  Please listen.  I know I may be young but I've exhausted myself time and time again with forcing my little plans to happen only to turn out that my plans sucked and never fulfilled me the way I was so sure they would.  Submit your requests unto God.  He's there to be your friend your confidant and your provider.  But know that once you do this you have to have to be ready and willing to say yes to his guidance and his directions even if they aren't in line with what you had previously planned.  I promise you that it will be the best decision your have ever made. When you step back and let God take control you receive this overwhelming peace about a situation.  Because you know that you are completely covered by His will.  Don't wait till 2014 start now all God needs for you to do is say "yes."  Will you do that?


  1. I love this. Thank you. I need to remember this xx

    1. Dude are you serious, ive been falling out to find love and God has told me this before THANKS I NEED TO SEE THIS IT WAS ALL GOD WORKING TRU YOU BECAUSE WE WERE GONNA NEED THIS. :)


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