Fight the Good Fight!

It has been a while.  I've been bogged down in life.  By the grace of God, I graduated college, went to Paris, France and immediately began training for my job - my teaching job.  I'm a part of a teaching program where I serve as an elementary teacher in a low-income school and it has been quite the journey thus far.  

When accepting this job offer I was 100% confident that this was what I was meant to be doing.  However, the road has been rocky.  I wake up each and every day at 4:45am and I'm out the door between 5:30-5:45am each morning. When I get to my school it's 6:30am I have to ask God to prepare me mentally for each day.  For a good while, I didn't even leave work until 6:00pm.  In the beginning of the school year I literally felt like I was being sent out to war to fight without the appropriate armor to come out alive.  The enemy was coming hard against me.  I felt disgusted, discouraged, and very weak.  I came into this job fired up and ready to go and as the days went on my fire was slowly burning out.  
I said God did I make another mistake? [Side note: I said this because I have had a habit in the past of running a head of God and trying to lead myself, which has always resulted in me being unhappy and unfulfilled.] I said God before I was even given this job offer I begged of you over and over to please not give me this job if it is not something you want me to have.  Although I wanted this job so bad I asked God to please not give me this job if it is not apart of his will for my life.  But he gave me the job so I knew this somehow had to be a part of his plan for my life.  However, since I've started I've had to jump hurdle, after hurdle, after hurdle.  

Since I didn't study education as a major in college I have an alternative certification program that I am a part of. Which requires you to earn 300 hours of professional development by the end of the year in order to get certified.  It also requires me to devote Saturdays to training, which is the last thing you want to do after a 60-hour week.  In addition, my teaching program requires mandatory professional development sessions, which normally occur after a school day, which is the last thing you want to do after an exhausting day of teaching.  My school also has professional development trainings on Saturdays. You have to deal with parents and their complaints, principals and their constant nagging about data. People constantly coming in to observe you and critique your teaching, grading and dreaded lesson planning. I live for Fridays and I dread Sundays for I know that after church I have to immediately being preparing for the week ahead. My job was sucking the life out of me.  I had no time for God and this was a problem.  

I said surely Lord this is a mistake I know you didn't mean for me to suffer like this.  I know you didn't mean for me to be constantly overwhelmed and totally unhappy.  I said Lord this is supposed to be easy.  I'm supposed to love doing this but I hate it.  I thought once I found my purpose and walked in your will things would be better and I would love what I am doing.  I cried many tears and I even contemplated quitting.  But I needed to hear from God before I made a move. Time went on, and on and on, things got better and things got worse.  But about a month or two later I finally heard a word from The Lord concerning my situation.  

I was going through the Pinky Promise month of November Bible Study titled, “Obeying God Through Your Feelings.”  As I went through the study, I came across the book of 2 Timothy. This book is centered on advice from Paul, a well-known missionary of the Christian faith, giving words of encouragement to Timothy.  In this book Paul is on the brink of death and not because he was ill.  No, Paul was about to be put to death for doing the will of God.  Paul suffered and was persecuted for the calling God had placed on his life.  Yet, not once was Paul bitter or angry about this.  In 2 Timothy 2:8-9 Paul is quoted saying, “This is my gospel for which I am suffering even to the point of being chained like a criminal.  But God’s word is not chained.  Therefore I endure everything for the sake of the elect.” After reading this is when it finally clicked to me.  Just because you are doing the will of The Lord doesn't mean the journey is going to be full of cotton candy and rainbows.  In fact, things are going to be tough because Satan is coming at you ten times harder for the fact that you have decided to lay down your selfish ambitions and chosen daily to honor God with your life.  Although I wish doing God’s will was just an easygoing journey that is not the case.  I had to learn that when adversity comes I couldn’t choose to give up.  My life application Bible says, “We will see that our suffering is worthwhile when we achieve our goal of glorifying God, winning people to Christ, and one day living eternally with him.”  I can’t let Satan’s lies, my emotions or feelings ever stop me from doing the will of God for my life.  When tests and trials come my way, I cannot throw in the towel but I must persevere and the Holy Spirit will give me the strength to pass the test.  Paul suffered until death while doing the will of the father.   Why should I be exempt?  I can't just give up!  Before death Paul said,”…the time for my departure is near.  I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith.”  I am nearly 25% done with my teaching commitment and when God gets ready to transition me from one season of life to the next I want to be able to speak those same words Paul spoke.  Until then I will continue to do the will of the father and fight the good fight. 

What about you?  I have no idea how you found this blog but you are reading it for a reason.  You might be going through a similar tough situation where you feel like quitting or maybe you know someone experiencing a similar struggle.  Whatever the case may be, we will all go through trying times where we are tempted to escape but I encourage you today to never give up.  Each season of life prepares you for the next and there is a reason and a purpose that you are going through what you are going through right now.  What is God trying to reveal to you right now?  If you are feeling low and weak good because that reminds you that you will never make it through life on your own!  You need God daily, we all do!  Run quick to God and as you seek Him, He will be the strength you need to fight the good fight.   Grace and Peace.

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